J. Morris Mungoy,..

  Drummer, Composer, Arranger & Producer...

...born in the deep bushes, in Mozambique homeland ( Shidengele )    I grew up in Mozambique / South-Africa, by the age of ( 9 / 10 ) start to play Drums by myself, later at the age of ( 22 /23 ) back in South-Africa, the Music carrer began with  PONGOLO  a Afro-rock-reggae band, at the time the band has sign up by E.M.A record company (JHB )

  • In 1989 moved to Cape Town and join  the MAKWERHU Band 
  • In 1991 MAKWERHU-Band  joined the Pace Dance Company and together went on tour to France & England
  • In 1994 MAKWERHU-Band signed up at African Dance Record Company and the Band moved to Germany (Berlin)
  • and since… working and living in Berlin...

 Most of the time is travelling & touring with Bands around the world, looking for musical fusions. The Music its about us as human beings and we are living all these different styles of life, all over this planet and we forget that we are all one in Creators , Menssengers , Passengers ,...     but also we are Strangers to us and others ... and as we are moving on and on on and on… communicating cultural issius though music… "     

PS: „ ..make love... „   

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